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Kalfany: Award-winning confectionery quality

07.11.2017 13:01 Uhr Members

Kalfany Süße Werbung GmbH & Co. KG in Herbolzheim/Germany has recently been awarded three gold and three silver medals by the food testing centre of DLG (German Agricultural Society) for the outstanding quality of its products. As part of the International Quality Control for Confectionery, the DLG experts examine the quality of more than 1,000 products each year. The focus is on the sensory analysis of sweets. The test criteria of appearance, smell and taste are complemented by specific features such as the overall impression, shape, decoration, colour, breakage, bite and chewing impression. The results of the sensory product evaluation are rounded off by a packaging and labelling test. "DLG-awarded products are proven to be of high quality and convince with their enjoyment value. All foods were tested in neutral tests based on scientifically validated testing methods by experts who have been trained specifically to assess the quality of sweets," emphasises Nadine Dorner, project manager at the DLG food testing centre. Tested products that meet all DLG quality criteria receive the DLG award in gold, silver or bronze. All winning products are announced at:

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