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JUNG since 1828: Sustainable bee project started

09.10.2019 17:42 Uhr Members
 | Looking forward to the new

Looking forward to the new "workforce" (left to right): Jung's managing directors Dennis Dennig and Arne P. Bender together with beekeeper Markus Sautter.

Two new bee colonies were settled on the roof of the company building of JUNG since 1828 at the beginning of September 2019. This bee sponsorship in cooperation with the award-winning initiative "nearBees – honey from next door" is the latest contribution of the renowned manufacturer of tasty promotional products in its systematic commitment to more species protection and sustainability. The two managing directors Arne P. Bender and Dennis Dennig warmly welcomed their new "workforce". "We are very pleased to welcome our new 60,000 hard-working employees and thus make a valuable contribution to the preservation of the local honeybees," says Managing Director Dennis Dennig. "The global importance of honeybees is huge: As pollinators for more than 70 percent of all plant species, they are the guarantors of the diversity of our blossoming nature and thus the food base of humans and animals worldwide. In return, we humans should protect, support and ensure that they thrive. The settlement and care of new native bee colonies is an important step to ensure that the bee population in Germany can grow again. JUNG has been committed to this goal since 1828," says Managing Director Arne P. Bender. We have started with two new beehives on the JUNG company premises. There are plenty of meadows, fields and orchards for a fertile bee pasture in this area. With the help of an experienced beekeeper, everything is done to ensure that the zestful nectar collectors feel well and develop well. "As a positive side effect, JUNG will also be making its own delicious and naturally sustainable honey. We are looking forward to this very much," says Dennis Dennig.

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