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JUNG since 1828: 100 percent climate neutral

18.12.2019 11:18 Uhr Members

JJUNG since 1828, a respected specialist for tasteful advertising innovations, will be changing its entire process chain and its complete product range of sweets, snacks & more to climate-neutral on 1 January 2020. Managing Director Dennis Dennig explains the measure: “The fact that we are now entirely carbon neutral is very important to all of us here. We are delighted that this step enables us to make a valuable contribution in the fight against the greatest global challenge. Precisely because we handle food, we always make sure that our products are given away with a clear conscience and that they can be enjoyed with a good feeling."

The CO2 footprint at JUNG has been significantly reduced through a variety of measures in recent years, and the long-standing company will continue to work systematically towards preventing greenhouse gases from being generated in the first place. Emissions that cannot be completely avoided are offset through certified climate protection projects. This emission compensation makes perfect sense as the earth's climate only works as an overall system. The emissions generated at one location can thus be reduced through climate protection measures in other areas of the world. For this purpose, JUNG is supporting a selected climate protection project for the conservation of around 300,000 hectares of primary rainforest in the Amazon region in Peru. The project not only ensures the protection of the habitat of countless animal and plant species, but also supports local people, creates sustainable sources of income and sets an example against illegal deforestation. In this way, climate protection also contributes to better living conditions and prospects for many people. The CO2 offset is certified by the independent organisation ClimatePartner, a globally recognised climate protection expert, and can be transparently viewed at any time using an individual ID number.

There is also a positive benefit for JUNG customers because the entirely climate-neutral promotional ideas associated with sweets, snacks & more enable advertising companies to assume their responsibility for environmental and climate protection in the future, even when using promotional gifts, and thus set an example. In this way, they also satisfy the growing number of consumers who place increasing emphasis on sustainable and environmentally friendly products.

Sustainability is also very important to the people at JUNG since 1828: It is lived here in many different ways, be it through innovative packaging solutions made from biodegradable materials, fair trade products or the use of green electricity. They also like taking unusual measures such as settling their own bees on the company roof as a contribution to the protection of ecologically important plant pollinators. "Active involvement against climate change is another important step on this path", assures Dennis Dennig.

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