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JUNG provides sustainable mobility

30.04.2019 10:37 Uhr Members
 | Margit Bayerdörfer with her new e-bike.

Margit Bayerdörfer with her new e-bike.

From now on, the promotional product manufacturer JUNG since 1828 GmbH und Co. KG is offering its employees the opportunity to lease a new bike via BusinessBike and at the same time to support environmentally friendly and healthy mobility. JUNG employees have a free choice of the manufacturer, brand and type of their desired bike and can also use it privately. BusinessBike Leasing offers many advantages to employees, such as high savings compared to cash purchase, unrestricted private use, convenient monthly payments and tax benefits through the 0.5% rule. As a small bonus, the company pays 15 euros per month towards the comprehensive insurance. If desired, the lessee can purchase the bike after the contract expires. According to Jung, the offer was "enthusiastically received". The first bike enthusiasts are already underway on their leased bike. One of them is Margit Bayerdörfer: "In the future, I would like to cycle to work as often as possible. With the new e-bike, challenging slopes are no longer a problem at all," she says. More information is available –

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