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Faber-Castell continues to expand its climate commitment

27.01.2020 16:38 Uhr Members
 | Thanks to a water turbine, the parent company in Stein in Middle Franconia has been producing green electricity for decades.

Thanks to a water turbine, the parent company in Stein in Middle Franconia has been producing green electricity for decades.

The Faber-Castell Group, one of the world's leading companies for high-quality products for writing, drawing and creative design as well as decorative cosmetic products, produces climate-neutrally thanks to its own forests and uses 82% renewable energy sources. The company adheres to ambitious environmental goals – despite the stagnating economy and crisis markets in Latin America. The Faber-Castell plants now use over 82% of thermal and electrical energy from renewable sources across the group. Thanks to a water turbine, the parent company in Stein in the Bavarian region of Middle Franconia has been producing green electricity for decades. Latin America in particular plays a leading role in the area of energy requirements. Brazil, the world's largest pencil producer and exporter of writing and drawing equipment to over 70 countries, started buying energy from renewable sources in 2006. Since 2019, the plant has only used green electricity and has also significantly improved through ambitious environmental goals in the field of wastewater and waste disposal. The global Faber-Castell production companies in nine countries manufacture in a climate-neutral manner thanks to 10,000 hectares of the company's own pine forests in Brazil. The entirely FSC-certified forests provide the raw material for the Brazilian pencil factory and cover 87% of the Faber-Castell Group's worldwide wood requirements. The wood used is also FSC- and PEFC-certified so that the 2.3 billion lead pencils and coloured pencils that are produced in the group come entirely from sustainable and therefore renewable sources.

CO2-neutral production through own afforestation

Faber-Castell regularly publishes its group-wide environmental indicators and thus creates transparency in terms of sustainability. With the use of 82% environmentally friendly energy sources and the demonstrably climate-neutral production through its own forests, the company has a unique selling point. The high proportion of renewable energies – and thus the leading edge in its positive climate footprint – is to be further expanded: Germany and Peru have signed contracts with green electricity suppliers for 2020, and Peru alone is expecting CO2 emissions to be halved in the medium term.

High environmental goals despite falling sales

Faber-Castell has also set itself the worldwide goal of reducing the proportion of plastic in packaging and increasingly using recycling materials for products. Despite the slowdown in the economy, the company is sticking to ambitious environmental goals. South America plays a central role for the Faber-Castell Group and accounts for approx. 45% of sales. CEO Daniel Rogger is confident about future developments: "With our focus on creative products, our decentralised organisational structure and solid financial indicators, we are prepared for a difficult market environment. We believe it is precisely our environmental themes which differentiate us from the competition and enable us to score with consumers – not only in Europe but increasingly also in Asia and America.”

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