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CD-LUX: Climate neutral production

04.06.2019 11:13 Uhr Members
 | The Advent calendar production is ready to go for the new season.

The Advent calendar production is ready to go for the new season.

The specialists for "sweet" Advent calendars from CD-Lux now also supply this promotional evergreen completely climate neutral. Climate change is the biggest challenge facing the 21st century. CD-Lux is convinced that individual companies must also make their contribution. As of 1 May 2019, all products of this manufacturer of sweet promotional products and Advent calendars are therefore CO2-neutral. And that makes CD-LUX one of the first promotional product manufacturers in Germany to change its entire product range in a climate-neutral way. "Above all, our concept is designed to reduce and offset greenhouse gases. It does not matter where the greenhouse gases are produced and where they can be compensated. All possible emissions from our company are avoided and reduced wherever possible. We achieve this through in-house environmental measures, e.g. as part of the Bavarian Environmental Pact which provides for a comprehensive optimisation package. This also includes our own photovoltaic system which can supply around 55 households with solar power," says CD-LUX Managin Director Alexander Dirscherl.

Through so-called CO2 compensation, all necessary greenhouse gases are to be offset or compensated by supporting recognised climate protection projects. Dirscherl adds, "With ClimatePartner, we have recorded all the CO2 emissions that occur in our company. Together, we took a close look at the building blocks of our production chain in order to determine the corporate carbon footprint (CCF) of our company. Our focus was on our location, mobility, logistics, raw materials, packaging and manufacture of our products. Based on the evaluated data, a CO2 balance sheet was compiled for our company, thus enabling us to implement a sustainable climate protection concept across all company processes.Production and economic activity have an impact on our environment. We have therefore set ourselves the goal of minimising the impact on man and the environment. That is why we decided to produce all printed products on FSC® certified material as standard, without any extra charge for our customers."

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