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BrandCharger and Skross: Exclusive partnership

03.07.2017 19:20 Uhr Members

BrandCharger and Skross have started a partnership, bringing 2 worlds together; award winning corporate gifts and Swiss-designed travel adapters. BrandCharger will be supplying Skross products almost worldwide and exclusively in Asia and the Middle East for the corporate gift industry. This partnership is certainly an important step for BrandCharger, with a strong aim to grow in the corporate gift industry, providing high quality safe products to our customers worldwide. “The additions of the Skross line of products will surely help us enrich and enhance our existing product offerings. This will strengthen our position in being a market leader for USB charging devices and with 17 industry awards in the pocket, BrandCharger is ready for the future”, said James Ung, BrandCharger’s President. “BrandCharger and Skross” is a partnership between two global players with a shared passion for creating meaningful products. “Through BrandCharger’s focus is on tech products and Skross’ is on developing high-quality renowned travel adapters, a strong partnership has been crafted,” added Ung. “We are working with SKROSS® to take connectivity to a whole new level.”

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