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BrandCharger and PSL Europe BV terminate partnership in Europe

14.06.2019 14:55 Uhr Members

From mid 2017 BrandCharger had a partnership with PSL Europe BV to distribute BrandCharger products in Europe. As of June 1st, BrandCharger and PSL Europe BV have mutually agreed to cease the partnership due to financial instability and disappointing results. This mutual agreement to cease the partnership will allow BrandCharger to enter the European market direct and also brings the opportunity to work on new partnerships(s).
BrandCharger will continue to implement its strategy as set out in its global growth strategy. On the short term BrandCharger will operate from the Hong Kong office as well as the Benelux sales office based in Rotterdam to cater to the European market. It’s been agreed with the management of PSL Europe BV that all inquiries will be forwarded directly to Brandcharger to follow up, as well as Brandcharger serving PSL Europe BV’s clients in the future directly.

“We have significantly benefited from the partnership and we are parting on good terms”, said Ethan Ung, Vice President of BrandCharger Limited. “We will continue to build our business, based on trusted relationships. Relationships I hope to strengthen during my visit to Europe this month. The partnership was always very pleasant but the decision to dissolve was inevitable. We thank PSL Europe BV’s employees who have partnered with us and we wish them all the best in the future”, adds Ung.

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