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BrandCharger: Trademark in USA

10.05.2016 10:52 Uhr Members

After successfully registering the European trademark (OHIM) BrandCharger, one of the most dominant players in the Gift & Premium industry for tech products, moves to the next level by successfully registering the BrandCharger trademark in the United States of America. The from origin Dutch company now strengthens its sales efforts and plans to expand its activities in Unites States. According to Ethan Ung, Vice President at BrandCharger: "We are in talks with several top ten suppliers in North America for partnerships. Expanding our sales and support infrastructure across North America and our trademark registration is just the first step".

About BrandCharger
BrandCharger creates unique charging and electronic products for the corporate gift market. Our recipe for that is a proper understanding of branding and functionality mixed with design skills. With a strong line-up of charging products, 13 industry awards, being the market leader for USB charging devices we bring safe and high quality products to consumers at a rate of over 1.5 million units a year. We are committed to making sure all of the thousands of products per week we produce meet the highest safety and quality standards.

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