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Showdown Displays Europe: New supplier of promotional signs and displays

12.02.2020 17:06 Uhr Industry

Showdown Displays Europe, producer and supplier of signage, display and promotional products, is introducing themselves to the promotional products industry. They are ranging from exhibition related products, as counters, textile walls and POS items like digital Totem textile banners, to outdoor signs like A-boards, chalkboards, beach flags and much more. In short: all the products for visual communication and promotions. Showdown Displays is able to provide their customers with the right products to make it all possible. From reliable lightweight mobile systems with beautiful full color prints, to moving images on digital display systems. Showdown Displays can offer a wide range of Illuminated displays, flags, textile walls, counters and digital displays. All which is needed for promotional advertisement and communication. With their own manufactural facility they are also able to provide customized solutions.

About Showdown Displays Europe

Showdown Displays Europe is the result of a promising and enforcing formation of two well-established companies within the Display and Signage and POS Industry: Jansen Display (1995) and Promic Display Systems (2005).  With a combined total of almost 40 years of experience, the company is ready to provide their customers with the knowledge and expertise to take 3D advertisement to the next stage. As of May this year, Jansen Display & Promic Display Systems will serve their customers under the new name Showdown Displays Europe. But right now, all Showdown product are available to order. Showdown Displays Europe is ready to take any orders or requests. Just turn to:

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