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PIAP meeting: New Management Board has been appointed

29.05.2018 11:19 Uhr Industry

During the General Meeting of Members of the Polish Chamber of Promotional Articles, held on 18 May 2018 in Rancho pod Bocianem in a village near Tarczyn, in connection with the ending term of PIAP authorities, the present members elected the new composition of the Management Board and the Audit Committee. Edyta Lisowska from Eblis B&L was re-appointed as the chair of PIAP, who in the previous term also held the position of President of the Polish Chamber of Promotional Articles. The position of Vice President of PIAP was taken over by Anna Roszczak from Asgard Sp. z o.o., holding the function of a Board Member in the previous term, Jacek Kozłowski from Guapa Produkcja Sp.z o.o. became the second Vice President of PIAP. Zbigniew Grzeszczuk (Paul Stricker), Wojciech Wąsowski (12M), Anna Tomal (Mart), Magdalena Humeńczuk (Inspirion Polska) and Beata Dobrowolska (EBK Reklama) were appointed Board Members of the Polish Chamber of Promotional Articles for the years 2018/2020. The appointed members of the Audit Committee were: Sebastian Piłka (Inter...Test), Iwona Dulińska (Kunszt), Zbigniew Zieliński (AWIH), Magdalena Owczarska (CiTRON Group) and Patrick Chrabkowski (Trober Polska). During the meeting, the Association's financial report for 2017 was approved and the Management Board was granted a discharge for 2017. PIAP’s action plan for 2018/2019 was also approved.

PIAP is currently the largest organisation associating economic entities offering services and producing promotional items. Its members include over 170 companies and advertising agencies that care to stimulate the development of the industry and create a comfortable operating environment on the market. I am honoured to have been trusted again. For many years we have been proving that together we can really do more. Although every day we compete with each other for the attention of customers, each of us has one goal, which unites us - we want to build the image of an advertising product as an effective marketing tool. I am proud that together we shape good practices, educate the market and fight for the preservation of certain standards. I say goodbye to the old Board with nostalgia and welcome the new one, hoping to face future challenges,” says dr Edyta Lisowska, President of PIAP.

I strongly believe in the power of organisations which gather companies that care about the interest of their operating industry. The company I represent has been a member of PIAP since 2014. Thanks to this, we can deepen our knowledge about the promotional products industry and, above all, be an important voice both in Poland and on the international arena. I encourage you to actively participate in our joint work, I am happy to share my experience in order to contribute to further development of PIAP together with the entire Board,” added Jacek Kozłowski, Vice President of PIAP.

The position of Vice President of the Polish Chamber of Promotional Articles is both an honour and a great responsibility. I think it's good that the line-up of the Board has changed in 50%, thanks to this, experience will meet with ‘fresh blood’ once again. In the next term, we will continue to work on strengthening the position of the gift industry in Poland, and promote the Chamber abroad,” says Anna Roszczak, Vice President of PIAP.

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