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Karl Knauer nominated for the Print&Media Award

07.08.2017 15:26 Uhr Industry
 | On the roof of the company building is a photovoltaic system.

On the roof of the company building is a photovoltaic system.

On 26 October 2017, the 13th Print&Media Awards will be presented in Berlin. Nominated in the category "Environmentally oriented enterprise of the year" is the packaging specialist Karl Knauer KG, a member of the climate initiative of the print and media associations.Having already won the PSI Award and the "Sustainable Company of the Year 2016", the Black Forest-based company is now in contention with an impressively comprehensive climate protection concept. Combat climate change – specifically for the printing industry. The company Karl Knauer consistently demonstrates environmental awareness, from its ecologically advantageous product portfolio for packaging and promotional products made of cardboard, corrugated board and paper, through to many important national and international certificates, the "climate neutrality" label, as well as the 100 per cent compensation of all emissions. In addition, the abundance and quality of its measures to combat climate change convinced the nomination jury. "With a package of a total of five environmental programmes, we are specifically addressing climate change," said Managing Director Richard Kammerer when underscoring Karl Knauer's environmental course. "In our view, it is not enough to simply address climate change. On the contrary, we are very active in combating it with a concrete, comprehensive environmental programme. In this way, we provide our customers and consumers with future-oriented, ecologically responsible products and thus provide a verifiable, tangible contribution to combating climate change," says Kammerer

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