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Kalfany Süße Werbung: Prize for long-standing product quality

04.04.2017 12:32 Uhr Industry

The company Kalfany Süße Werbung from Herbolzheim has been awarded the "Prize for long-standing product quality" by DLG (German agricultural association) for the third time. The company has received the award for the quality of its products which are regularly inspected in the course of DLG quality inspections for confectionery. Numerous companies in the food industry have had their products voluntarily tested by DLG experts for many years. DLG awards the "Prize for long-standing product quality" to sustainably promote this quality commitment. The prize has been awarded annually to food producers for 30 years. Companies must participate in the quality tests of the DLG Test Centre for five years in a row and receive at least three awards per award year. From the 5th successful year onwards, the company is awarded the "Prize for long-standing product quality". If a manufacturer does not participate in a particular year or if he does not receive the required number of awards, he loses his claim to the award.

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