Austria: Promotional product trade enhances profession and image

08.03.2017 17:42 Uhr Industry
 | Sebastian Paß was elected chairman.

Sebastian Paß was elected chairman.

Up to now, the Austrian promotional product trade – at least at the Chamber of Commerce – has led a shadowy existence. This is about to change. In the Federal Board of the Mail-order, Internet and General Trade, a separate committee of the promotional product trade has now been set up to deal with the specific matters of this sector. Sebastian Paß was elected chairman. He will be assisted by Manfred Janek, Ing. Robert Albin Meschnig and Christian Pichler. In addition to providing professional and legal advice and information to the members, the projects of the promotional product trade are very ambitious. Priority issues will be dealt with in separate working groups. Through workshops/modules for educational institutions as well as advertising industry events, awareness for the value and special effectiveness of haptic advertising tools is to be strengthened. Legislation and codes of conduct related to anti-corruption play an equally important role for the promotional product trade as the image of promotional products in general. For example, the advantages of a promotional product in terms of reach, contacts and effectiveness as well as the promotional product trade itself as a service provider are to be emphasised.

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